Kristen Runvik

Lagom Body Co. is an all-natural wellness and skincare brand that is inspired by the healing power of plants. It strives to provide products that are transparent in their ingredients, affordable and good for you and your skin. Uncompromising beauty for uncompromising women. Lagom Body Co. is currently based out of Rhode Island. It is owned and operated by boss babe, Kristen Runvik.


What inspired you to start your business? More specifically, when and how did your interest in skincare begin?

I've always been more interested in skincare than in makeup, even as a teenager. My interest in natural skincare flourished as I began to more deeply study herbalism and medicinal plants in my early 20s.

At the same time, I was deeply interested in how to naturally support the body, mind, and spirit through holistic daily practices and naturally treat minor health issues with diet, lifestyle, and herbs. I started learning more about using oil on the skin and started making my own oil serums, balms, and body scrubs for friends and family back in 2012.

Eventually, they started offering to pay for the products and it transformed my mindset into actually offering a line of natural skincare products as a business. But it wasn't until 2016 where I actually decided to launch Lagom Body Co. as the brand it is today.

The four years between learning more about natural skincare and actually launching the brand included more in-depth training on natural skincare formulating, medicinal plants, herbs, and essential oils, and clinical herbalism school. It's been a fun, plant-filled journey!

What’s Lagom Body Co.’s philosophy?

Simple is better. All Lagom Body Co. products are crafted with minimal, wholesome formulas that work. I use cold-pressed oils so their nutritional value is retained, fresh hydrosols, steam distilled essential oils, and organically grown botanicals from small medicinal herb farms in Vermont and Oregon. The less ingredients, the less confusion and my customers value a simple ingredient list.

What does ‘Lagom’, mean? How is this significant to you and your brand?

Lagom is a Swedish word that loosely translates to not too much, not too little in English. I use this as a guiding principle with the way I approach formulating: my products average around 5-6 different ingredients with Nirvana Face Cream at the most with 15 but every single one of those ingredients there are for a purpose that supports the health of the skin. Lagom also influences the overall brand message of simplifying your life and creating more sustainable habits in mind, body, and home.

Beyond its meaning, I chose lagom to represent the brand because of my ancestral roots in Sweden.

 “Lagom also influences the overall brand message of simplifying your life and creating more sustainable habits in mind, body and home. "

Could you briefly describe what the ‘Lagom Daily Ritual Method’, embodies?

By following the Lagom Daily Ritual Method, customers can expect to holistically support their skin health while simplifying their life. The Lagom Daily Ritual Method includes five core products to gently cleanse, tone, moisturize, and hydrate the skin from head to toe.

What are some tips to maintain great skin during some of these colder months of the year?

The best part is that Lagom products can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of your skin as the seasons shift or when traveling or adventuring about! Since winter is a time of lowered humidity and colder temperatures, my aim is to support the skin's hydration and moisturization.

My winter skincare ritual recommendation includes hydrating the skin with Wild Glow Clarifying Toner and moisturizing and protecting with a layer of Flower Bud Oil Serum. If I'm feeling especially parched, I like to combine a pea size of Nirvana Daily Restore Cream with a few drops of Flower Bud Oil Serum. A layer of Lip Mend Balm (coming soon!) is lovely for nourishing and moisturizing the lips and protecting them from the elements.

At night, I recommend finishing off with a facial massage using Full Moon Cleansing Balm; it's filled with butters and oils to deeply nourish and restore the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Finish this ritual with a layer of oil serum and Lip Mend before sleep.

To support healthy skin internally throughout the year, I also recommend a good fish oil supplement and incorporating more healthy fats into the diet. Think: extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, avocados, salmon, and almonds.

What’s your personal beauty routine like?

My focus is on overall skin health, so my beauty routine includes topical skincare products as well as balanced nutrition and supplementation.

I like to keep it simple (can you tell?!) I follow the Daily Ritual Method most days, no matter if I'm at home or traveling. Right now, my favorite skin care ritual is Wild Glow Clarifying Toner followed with Nirvana Daily Restore Cream and Flower Bud Oil Serum. The cream and serum brim with sea buckthorn CO2 which supports the natural healing of the skin and has been shown to support the skin's vitality, thus reducing the aging effects. I'm pretty obsessed with this plant and it's slowly made its way into the majority of the collection.

My morning makeup routine takes less than two minutes: I use Alima Pure bronzer and blush and an eyebrow pencil. I finish off with a couple spritz of Wild Glow Clarifying Toner to set my makeup (see, I told you Lagom Body Co. products are multipurpose!) I also love Alima Pure's tinted lip balms for a burst of color.

What’s your most popular item right now?
Right now, Nectar Body Oil is the top selling product followed by Nirvana Daily Restore Cream. Nectar is such a delight and truly a nutritional product that feeds and strengthens the skin. It's super multipurpose, too, with the ability to be used not only as a body oil but also as a moisturizing facial serum, hair serum, and massage oil.

Natural and vegan skincare is such a booming industry today. How do you differentiate Lagom Body Co. from other “clean” skincare brands?

Clearly ingredient sourcing and minimal, effective formulas are at the heart of the Lagom Body Co. But it's also about who I design the products for and the story I tell that differentiates Lagom from all the other skincare lines.

Here's how we're different: Lagom Body Co. products are wholesome yet minimal and are designed for active and adventurous women to help them confidently and naturally care for their skin at home and on adventures. My customers are discerning women who care about what they put in and, on their body, and are picky about what is in their skincare and in general are in very good health. They are looking for products that will simplify their life and align with their wellness values while feeling confident that their skin is being supported without any chemicals.

That's why the majority of my ingredients are sourced from the United States and why I craft everything in micro batches. This results in a superior quality and freshness that translates into truly wholesome and sustainable products. In addition to ingredient quality, they are herbalist designed and formulated. Any ingredient inside of my products have been deeply studied and understood before being added to the collection.

"That's why the majority of my ingredients are sourced from the United States and why I craft everything in micro batches. This results in superior quality and freshness that translates into truly wholesome and sustainable products."

Anything else you would like to share?

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