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Pigeon Heart Designs specializes in handcrafted, hand-hammered and ethically made jewelry. Organic and hypoallergenic jewelry created with the intention of putting a little extra pep in your step. Pigeon Heart Designs is based out of Portland, Oregon. It is owned and operated by boss babe, Lisa Hirsch.


What’s Pigeon Heart Designs philosophy?
PHD is a jewelry company that produces unique pieces intended to promote confidence and boldness. My tag line is: “if you can’t see it from across the street – it ain’t jewelry.” Basically, I want folks who wear this brand to feel they have a little extra kick of joy, inspiration and wow factor.
What is the significance behind your company name? More specifically, the pigeon’s heart?
I’m such a pigeon fan.  Always and forever have been. They’re so beautiful, tenacious, iridescent and pleasingly plump…they are survivalists. And furthermore – they’re misunderstood. People take them for granted because they’re so abundant and I find that to be a metaphor worthy of exploration. I think they’re smart and adorable and I’ll always be on Team Underdog. I guess if I had to squeeze a parallel out of it – it’d be something along the lines of: pigeons represent a beautiful freedom that is all around but is in fact so ubiquitous that it’s right beneath our sight. PHD jewelry is a shadow of this pigeon walk in that it is versatile and adaptable; raw and rugged and beautiful in one fine package. And then you strut!
What first led you in the direction of making jewelry?
Well, wouldn’t ya know I got the idea from the ethers, as if stuck by lightning right after the ardor of finishing up a master’s in education. Really though-I’ve always been prone to art and craft. This was arguably destined.
“PHD jewelry is a shadow of this pigeon walk in that it is versatile and adaptable; raw and rugged and beautiful in one fine package. And then you strut!”
When/why did you make the leap to starting your own company?
We’re coming up on the big 10 at the end of this month! It was a side thing for a while and has remained so intermittently for years. I’ll dip my toe in the “fulltime PHD” pool here and there, but usually retreat simple because working alone all the time can take a toll, though I still love it. Anyway, it kind of just grew naturally over time.
What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewelry?
So much! You! Her! That! I’ll see people and my mind will begin to assemble ideas of what’d suit them. Never ending fodder.
If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be?
Ha! That’s easy. I’d stay: “Lisa – get your buns into a business class!”. I took em’, but I did it post beginning, once I was already well on my way with my own business. Getting organized after the plane has taken off is quite like starting to watch a tv series from the middle of the season; it’s just a lot easier to get everything in place beforehand.
How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewelry?
I want them to feel proud and connected.
As a jewelry designer, what differentiates your work from others?
I think that I have an identifiable style. I’m getting more and more dialed into my source all the time and I think that shows when artists are tapped in. I’m different because I’m me.
What advice do you have for other female-identified business owners?
Go for it! Figure out your brand and stay in your own lane. Your own style awaits!
Anything else you would like to share?
I’m psyched to be a part of Daughter’s Market. I love the mission statement and can get behind it. I’m really grateful to people who are motivated to pull for others. It’s very inspiring.

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